Educator Experience (EX)

The Educator Experience prioritises the creation of a guided paths through a curriculum via the creation of learning materials that are structurally aligned, composable, auditable, extensible, versioned, independent & autonomous.

Guided Paths: It should be possible to create learning paths adhering to a curriculum but adaptable to individual learning styles and patterns.

Structurally Aligned: The structure of learning content should mirror the structure of the guided learning paths.

Composable: It should straightforward to construct courses from elements of other courses and combine courses into programmes and other configurations.

Auditable It should be possible to ascertain whether students have engaged with specific learning resources.

Extensible: It should be possible to introduce new, parallel learning services within a family of tutors tools.

Versioned: It should be possible to place a course under git based version control, supporting rollback, branch previews and other version management conveniences.

Independent: It should be possible for an educator to migrate from the tutors to other comparable systems within the static site generator category of tools.

Autonomous: Learning resources should be capable of being self hosted, independent of any tutors cloud services.


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