Learner Experience (LX)

The Learner Experience prioritises web interactions that are engaging, contextual, linkable, searchable, accessible and responsive. In addition the experience should foster a sense of community and connection among fellow learners.

Engaging: The web experience should be visual, stimulating and provoke a sense of exploration and investigation.

Contextual: Suitable navigation features should enable the Learner to visually explore learning objects in the appropriate context, easily reach related material, including parent/child, sibling, and schedule oriented indicators + selected external services. Transitions & Animations should subtly enhance this contextual awareness.

Linkable: All meaningful learning objects should be capable of being bookmarked. If these links are sent to another browser session the link should enable the complete learning context to be rebuilt in that session.

Searchable: A tutors course should support full text search + filter/summary views.

Accessible: Learning resources should support best in class accessibility, including dyslexia, colour blindness and visual impairment.

Responsive: Learning material should adapt adequately from the full range of device characteristics and orientations from mobile phones to widescreen workstations.

Community: A Learner should be able to avail of a community of learners, optionally sharing their presence and activity stream as appropriate.

Connection: A Learner should be able to reach out to fellow learners within the current context, initiating chat, content sharing or other meaningful exchange.


LX Summary:


UI constructed with

All styles centralised this stylesheet:


Theming system based in DaisyUI:

Themes defined here:

Colours & iconography

Colour choices described here:

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